Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
Why is there no contact phone number on the website?

Answer 1:
We receive your emails as quick as your phone calls. Email is the best way to keep track of the conversation until the issue is solved.

Question 2:
I missed the due date!

Answer 2:
Our priority is processing orders that came in on time as quick as possible. Therefore, once the due date has passed, we will only take late orders online and only digital products are available.

Question 3:
What to wear for photo day?

Answer 3:
We recommend solid colour and / or small patterns. Long sleeves usually look better than short sleeves.
Please avoid green as we use a green screen. We may ask students wearing green to come back on retake day.

Question 4:
Smile with mouth open or closed? - I told them to keep their mouth closed but the photo turned out differently.

Answer 4:
You can try to decide beforehand, however, the facial expressions look more natural when they smile as they normally would. We have seen many situations where the children try too hard, creating tension in their face.

Question 5:
My child is not smiling!

Answer 5:
We say ‘smile’ to let them know we are ready; but we never force expressions. Often we see a child who denies a smile in front of a camera one year and next year we will see the same student showing an amazing smile .
Having been parents of teens ourselves, all those things will become good memories after all.

Question 6:
Who is Sea to Sky Photography?

Answer 6:
Sea to Sky Photography was officially established in 2010 by professional photographer Toshi Kawano and his wife Kaori Kawano.
Toshi has been a full time professional photographer in the area for 20 years and Kaori has been the assistant / second camera for many photo shoots at local businesses and private bookings. Feel free to contact us!